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The Bill Richardson Classic Commercial Memorial Rally, Invercargill.

At the bottom of the world 320 beautifully-presented trucks gathered to honour an incredible individual. 30 classics from the North Island crossed the ferry to the South Island. Many others joined them on the way, with 60 in the convoy by the time they reached Invercargill. The Saturday run stopped for tea at some of the Richardson company yards. On Sunday trucks gathered at the Museum for an aerial shot before a parade through the main street where 179 modern trucks from the Richardson Group, and many other trucks from all over the South Island, joined with the 141 classic trucks making 320 in total. Trucks crisscrossed the streets with much tooting, light flashing & friendly waving between drivers & passengers. There has never been anything like it in New Zealand.

72 pictures & text by Howard Pettigrew.
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