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Classic Commercial Motor Vehicles AEC, Albion, Atkinson, Austin, Bedford, Bradford, Bristol, Coles, Commer, Crossley, Dennis, Diamond T, Dodge, Douglas, ERF, Foden, Ford, Fordson and Ford Thames, FWD, Guy, Haulamatic, Hydrocon, Jensen, Jones, Karrier, Lacre, Land-Rover, Leyland, Maudslay, Morris, Morris-Commercial, Morrison, Pacific, Pagefield, Rotinoff, Rowe Hillmaster, Scammell, SD, Seddon, Seddon Atkinson, Sentinel, Smith, Standard, Stonefield, Taylor, Thornycroft, Trojan, Unipower, Vulcan - glorious names from the heyday of road haulage in Britain.

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Photos of these classic makes taken outside the UK, as well as photos of non-British classics, are very welcome.

Neil Fraser

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Iain Campbell(non-registered)
Have anyone had any dealing with a Classic Vehicle Restorer,, Iain Bone CVR based in Kingmoor Park, Heathlands Estate, Carlisle, Cumbria... Looking for information on his workmanship etc..
Thanks in advance
Julian Walls of Upper Hutt New Zealand(non-registered)
Congrats for this great site you have got here! I found this site when I was looking through for info on sole remaining Procter Lorry as featured in Jan 2018 Heritage Commercials magazine where I had a look at a magazine displayed at a shop recently!

Of interest to your readers for the past 44 years I have been involved in producing I believe the worlds largest detailed automotive magazine index from publication year 1947 where i note everything from cover to cover including letters etc- in recent years the focus is on Classic and Vintage vehicles and covers publications 1947-2001 not only from the UK but as well as Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The bulk is from the UK I admit it was mainly on cars. I bring your attention that many of the British classic car mags out there they did cover some commercials particularly in the 'Discovery' selections or 'Lost and found' and i noted those vehicles down to reg details; chassis numbers and ownership history . Many of the current crop of British vintage commercials magazines started off as a spin off of some the established players like the excellent "The Automobile' mag - I interested in providing info to uses on a commercial footing -as its a great resource ...I rather have it used then not and I welcome genuine inquiries -via email

Of Interest -I created and ran for 10 years the unique Car magazine review website which with great regret was taken time in Feb 2017 due to financial circumstances and I plan later this year to put it on an archive website when I can work out how to do it?! :) LOL

Julian Walls of Upper Hutt New Zealand
Nicky Shaw(non-registered)
Reuben Moore(non-registered)
Closing up a commercial garage and there is a Austin FG Breakdown lorry available for sale and restoration. In Kent 01303268872 if you want to inspect
João Antonio Pinto de Carvalho(non-registered)
Pagina maravilhosa, gostaria de fazer parte.
Um grande abraço a todos.
João Antonio
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