Martin Bilverstone(non-registered)
Hi, I've just purchased the Commer VB in picture 17. RHU761G At present it has been stripped completely. My aim is to restore it back to original as much as I can
Jeremy Foxon(non-registered)
What a wonderful site. Kudos to Messrs Skerry & Dick Nash for the work put into this project. There are still a few of us out there who remember the old years - at least since 1975.
Thank you!
Peter Green(non-registered)
Great shot of Herefords old ET OUY316P
What a great little site. Many thanks to all involved in producing it. My dad drove a succession of Leyland FG "Mothers Pride" travelling shops over a 20 odd year period. Absolutely stifling in summer due to the engine block being in the cab. He was no great mechanic but I can remember him and a neighbour winching a new engine into one of them so they must have been easy enough to work on. As a kid the noise was deafening and crawling up the hill where we lived you always used to wonder whether you would make it. Still fond memories of it, I can see why he chose big engined auto's for his cars after spending all week driving one though.
Bob Wheeler(non-registered)
Please does anyone know the old telephone No of Norman Reeves Motors, High Wycombe in the 1960s.

I am making a model Routemaster bus on route 363 in High Wycombe and want to construct an advert for the back of the bus.
I am now the proud owner of the Austin 301 pictured in the middle . I to would also like to know where that picture was taken .
Stuart Hall(non-registered)
When I was a boy in Dartford, Kent, one of my neighbours worked for Bowater's and used to bring his A.E.C. Mammoth Major home from time to time. It (or they) looked identical to the preserved MUL 668 pictured here. I wonder if this is a lorry that I personally admired back in 1961/62'ish? Please - who owns this? And, did MUL 668 work from Dartford Paper Mills? As it is also pictured in nearby Northfleet before restoration this is entirely possible. Any further information very much appreciated!!
I am not knowledgeable about these cars - I only know what I read on the Internet. With this in mind, is this a picture of a J2 or a J4? According to most pictures I have seen, this appears to be a J4 van. (My interest in the Morris J4 is because my dad owned one when I was a baby, and sold it when I was about 8 years old, so my first memories of a car was a Morris J4 panel van.)
Julian Clark(non-registered)
Hi. I am interested in locating UK based RH drive Volvo F88/89 tractor unit that may be for sale. I would be grateful for any information visitors may have. thanks Julian
Hello .. i am currently working on this major mk5 pictured reg 408 glo.. can you tell me where this pic was taken and any other information about it .. thanks regards Clancy
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