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1965 Morris J2 DLL808C

1965 Morris J2 DLL808C

Fraser Clayton’s GPO van U110710 at Quainton Road station after the run from Henley-on-Thames on 21/6/15. This J2 was new to the GPO as a runabout at Epsom MT workshop, transferring to New Malden workshop in the same role when Epsom closed. Fraser has owned the J2 since it was auctioned off in 1975. It still saw occasional use with the Post Office/BT at New Malden where Fraser was workshop supervisor. Thought to be the last surviving GPO J2, it was overhauled and repainted in May 1975, and made an appearance in Brighton on 3/5/15 although not as an entry for judging, as here at Quainton. (NF)