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Bedford TM JX1741

Bedford TM JX1741

Bedford TM JX1741 passing Lake Pearson. Mount Cook Freightlines was originally a Timaru based company started as a tourist venture in the early 1900s taking passengers from Timaru to our highest mountain Mount Cook over some incredibly difficult country - true pioneer stuff. Freightlines was an offshoot of the tourist plane and bus service built up in the 1930s with the son of the founder, Harry Wigley being the first to land a snow plane (Auster) on a glacier using skis they developed themselves. Both the bus company and the truck company gradually took over many smaller firms including Rollinson Bros, the firm my father originally drove for in South Canterbury around Timaru until they were very large firms. They were split and sold off in 1989 being absorbed into other companies during a boom time when companies were traded as commodities. The Mount Cook Group had a very good reputation for high standards, from the airline (which still lives on operating the smaller domestic aircraft of our main carrier Air New Zealand) all the way through the bus company and Freightlines. But subsequent companies that took them over weren't so interested in maintaining Mount Cook's great reputation. (Howard Pettigrew)