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1948 Seddon Mk 5L DBA849

1948 Seddon Mk 5L DBA849

1948 Seddon Mk 5 DBA849, one of no less than 300 operated by Metal Box at that time. (John Corah)

Bill Reid writes ... A very interesting picture! I would say this is a Seddon Mk IV passenger chassis from the height of the frame and the built up long runners under the platform crossmembers. The bus chassis had a much lower frame that the lorry version, swept up in an arch over the back axle, and had a 14'6" wheelbase, longer than the lorry chassis which would give a longer platform without modifying the chassis. The bus chassis was also wider at the rear giving perhaps more stability for the high loads expected.
Albion did something similar with the Victor bus chassis when the Chieftain was the usual lorry chassis, but very similar.