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1963 Standard Atlas B08-151

1963 Standard Atlas B08-151

1963 Standard Atlas B08-151 in British Columbia, Canada. The van is badged as a Triumph because there weren't any Standard dealerships in Canada in 1963 so these vans were sold by the Triumph dealers. The factory parts manual clearly shows this badge as a spare part, and they refer to the vehicle as a Standard Triumph. (Ian Cox)

Ian writes ... I've owned this 1963 Standard Atlas since 1969. It's been in regular use and has done some long distance travelling, even pulling a utility trailer. I was able to do that because this van was factory equipped with the 2-litre Vanguard engine. It travels along very nicely, has always worked hard for me and been reliable.

The van has had two repaints since new, both in the original colour. It has never been restored in any sense, just properly maintained. I did have the valves done in 1975, and they would benefit from attention again now. The sharp eyed observer will note that the front bumper and the grille have been chrome plated. The nice big mirrors are both convex, and are actually an after-market Jeep accessory.
As found, the van had only one factory seat. What you see there now are said to be from an Austin Healey. They look very much like the original and have the benefit of being easily adjusted.

Anyone who may be interested is invited to look over the web site of the British Classic Light Utility Vehicle Owners Group ("LUVers") at www.​bcluv.​austingipsy.​net