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1932 Aveling & Porter 912XUW

1932 Aveling & Porter 912XUW

1932 Aveling & Porter All-Steel Diesel Roller 912XUW at Hollowell Steam & Heavy Horse Show on July 3rd 2011. (George Ward)

Motor roller with a single cylinder, slow running Blackstone DSK horizontal oil engine. The chimney acts as a very large silencer.

Note also the prominent Aveling name without the Porter.

Repatriated from France according to Peter Jarman.

Built circa 1932 at the Aveling & Porter works in Rochester. Founder T L Aveling had passed away the year before, then in 1932 the A.G.E. consortium he had founded with Barford Jnr back in 1921 went into receivership. So there was a lot going on in the Aveling-Porter-Barford-Perkins dynasty at the time this motor roller was laid down.

If the 14ton rating is correct this roller is a DR type, of which there were five models ranging from 10 tons to 16 tons. all with the single cylinder engine. (There were five smaller All-Steel Diesels: four in the DX series from 3 tons to 8 tons and one DC at 8-9 tons).