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1964 AEC Mandator

1964 AEC Mandator

AEC Mandator 691, Type TG4R, tractor with all steel tilt cab. Chassis mounted on angle platform with power demonstration of cab tilt. Gross train weight, 32 tons (72,000 lb,. 32,500 kg.). AEC 690 cu. in. (11,310 cu. cm.) direct injection, vertical diesel engine. Output, 205 b.h.p. at 2,200 r.p.m.; torque, 573 lb. ft. (79.2 Kg-m) at 1,200 r.p.m. Open offset toroidal combustion chambers in piston crowns; overhead valves; helical timing gears; integrally cast cylinder block and crankcase; dry cylinder liners; two interchangeable cylinder heads; seven bearing counterbalanced crankshaft with damper; gear type oil pump; twin oil bath air cleaners; C.A.V. distributor type fuel injection pump; six-speed (overdrive) constant mesh gearbox; double reduction spiral bevel/double helical rear axle, ratio 6.25:1. Recirculatory ball, worm and nut steering. Clayton Dewandre air pressure brakes with power assisted handbrake. 48-gallon (218 litres) fuel tank. C.A.V. 24-volt insulated return starting and lighting equipment. Michelin 9.00-20 tyres. Wheelbase, 8 ft. 0 in. (96 in., 2,438 mm.). Overall width, 7 ft. 11½ in. (95½ in. 2,425 mm.). Chassis/cab kerb weight, 4 ton 13 cwt. 1 qtr. (10,444 lb., 4,737 kg.). Price, Chassis with cab, £3,271. (Collection)