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1952 Maudslay Mk IIIA 325YUD

1952 Maudslay Mk IIIA 325YUD

Outstanding Maudslay twin-steer 325YUD from Ken Thomas seen on the 2011 Wisbech run on August 14th 2011. It was one of six built by AEC apprentices using up all the Maudslay parts that were available. It was used by Maudslay/AEC all its working life and ran on trade plates. It has never been registered... until 2011! (Gyles Carpenter) #1

The double front axle 6-wheel goods chassis was developed by Maudslay as the Mustang in 1946. In the early 1950s the Mk IIIA twin-steer took the old Maudslay name of Majestic, remaining in production until 1956. The Mustang name reappeared in 1956 when the twin-steer GM6 version of the AEC Mercury was introduced as the Mustang Mk II.