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Range Rover 31AG41

Range Rover 31AG41

Prototype TACR2. (Ken Reid)

Ted Angus writes ... Here is some info on the TACR2/TACR2A (Truck Aircraft Crash Rescue) Range Rovers that saw RAF service.

All had the 3rd axle fitted by Carmichael, the sole UK conversion Land Rover license holder.

Original build on 2-door chassis by Gloster Saro 30AG92 to 31AG34, 31AG41 = 43 vehicles.
Supplementary build on 2-door chassis by HCB 31AG52 to 31AG61, 51AG46 to 51AG52, 94AM37 = 18 vehicles.

The 4-door chassis was introduced by the time the RAF made its next orders; these are recorded in RAF databases as TACR2 or in some as TACR2 (4-door). These had the original brush bar.

Gloster Saro-built 01AY67, 01AY68 = 2 vehicles.

Carmichael-built 03AY39 to 03AY62, 04AY46, 04AY47 = 26 vehicles.

The second generation was known as the TACR2A and had a fuel injected engine and new style brush bar.

Carmichael-built 09AY39 to 10AY16 = 78 vehicles.