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1960 Scammell Trunker 378BGO

1960 Scammell Trunker 378BGO

One of three Scammell Trunker Mk I 6x4 prototypes. Shell-Mex & BP tried two, 377BGO & 378BGO, the third went to McKelvie & Co of Barrhead, reg unknown. (Mark Priest collection)

Marketed at the 1960 Commercial Motor Show as an 'articulated ten wheeler' at 24-tons gross. Note the streamlining around the wheelarches on the motive unit and the matched tank trailer.

The Gardner engine in horizontal bus-type form was mounted behind the cab, in front of the second axle. Triaxle tractors became quite the thing (eg AEC Mammoth Minor) from about 1964 as manufacturers tried to find different ways to comply with the 1965 Construction & Use Regs when the maximum gross weight of 32-tons became permissable for artics.

This legislation produced the Trunker Mk II 6x2 twin-steer with the more conventional vertical layout Leyland 680.