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Bugdens 6491AP & JNJ159D

Bugdens 6491AP & JNJ159D

1963 Job's Dairy Bugden 6491AP was joined in September 2009 by JNJ159D, a 1966 model. Both vehicles are in full working order, and were seen together for the first time in public at Preston on June 26th 2010. (NF)

My main reason for visiting Preston was to see not one but TWO Bugden milk floats, in the loving care of Paul and Carol Laurence. My interest in these rare vehicles goes back to my milk round days when I used to earn a few bob helping the local milkman. Middlesex was Job's Dairy territory and Bugdens were commonplace around the district. I am very grateful to Paul and Carol for their time, patience and hospitality, and I'd like to congratulate Paul for securing these and other rare milk delivery vehicles for our future enjoyment.