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AEC Sabre VP2R

AEC Sabre VP2R

12-metre coach with 46-seat luxury coach body by Eastern Coach Works Ltd, seen on the AEC stand at the 1970 Commercial Motor Show at Earls Court.
800 series 8-cylinder ‘V’ configuration direct injection naturally aspirated engine of 800 cu in (13,100 cu cm) capacity, output 247bhp at 2600rpm.
The Sabre entered service with Best of Ealing registered CBU636J.
On the stand are a Mercury 2TGM4R chassis with cutaway cub and a Mandator type TG4R. Also of note is the Gas Turbine Tractor Chassis on the adjoining Leyland stand.
Herbert Lomas Ltd have a B type ambulance on the Bedford CF, and a Junior dual-purpose ambulance on the BLMC JL250 chassis. The tank just in shot is a 6,300 gallon Thompson Bros petroleum products tanker on a Scammell chassis.
AEC Yahoo post no 6880 by John ‘mighty cat’ Law, Dec 29, 2004. Photo by the late Les Flint.