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Classic Commercial Motor Vehicles AEC, Albion, Atkinson, Austin, Bedford, Bradford, Bristol, Coles, Commer, Crossley, Dennis, Diamond T, Dodge, Douglas, ERF, Foden, Ford, Fordson and Ford Thames, FWD, Guy, Haulamatic, Hydrocon, Jensen, Jones, Karrier, Lacre, Land-Rover, Leyland, Maudslay, Morris, Morris-Commercial, Morrison, Pacific, Pagefield, Rotinoff, Rowe Hillmaster, Scammell, SD, Seddon, Seddon Atkinson, Sentinel, Smith, Standard, Stonefield, Taylor, Thornycroft, Trojan, Unipower, Vulcan - glorious names from the heyday of road haulage in Britain.

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Photos of these classic makes taken outside the UK, as well as photos of non-British classics, are very welcome.

Neil Fraser

Guestbook for CCMV Classic Commercial Motor Vehicles
29.Bernard John Flack(non-registered)
My interest of lorries and buses like your site its very good my email address is
28.Martin Vear(non-registered)
I would like to send a picture of a model t my grandfather owned. It has the same license plate as the one in the picture no.24, but i can't attach the picture to this message.

27.Henk Schoeman(non-registered)
Ford thames 12 seater 1962-65 [not sure]
My 152 seater is in a very good origanal condition.
I'm well stock on parts but the window rubbers are cracking becuase of age. now this is a challenge for me..

57000 true milage... never slept outside.

Any help?
26.Jon T.(non-registered)
Some fantastic photos of some very beautiful trucks, I especially love the Volvo F88/89 section. I love those trucks, probably my most favourite ever. Brilliant website, well done!
25.Josh Hayles(non-registered)
Your albums are looking superb Neil. As someone who grew up near the AEC plant, I know you'll appreciate a picture that someone recently uploaded to my Middlesex albums of the Iron Bridge, which they took in 1963. Click on the website link to see it.
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